How To Add Website In Google Search Console? 2022(Proper A-Z)

Google Search Console is a free tool for bloggers to control their blogs and find errors to solve. Google is a search engine that has almost 90% of searches. It continuously adds new features for searchers as well as web developers.

To get rid of organic visitors, you must have to submit your websites with the proper ways to take advantage. Here FreePro QSH India provides brief details and common mistakes.

Advantages of Using  Google Search Console

A blogger can get several benefits from Google Search Console. Google has introduced it as a Webmaster tool and rebounded as Google Search Console. The functionality and objective are almost the same in both. If you include your website, then you will get the following benefits free of cost.

  1. You can control what to show in search results and what to crawl. You can completely control your posts, pages, categories, or tags as you know that some random posts create in various CMS and that are matched with other posts or pages. It means some of the content is duplicated or reused. In this case, Google’s bots confuse and affect your ranking and values. Please note in the recent update that Duplicate content is not a ranking factor. Google will find the best content according to the user’s search query.
  2. Which pages have ranked and gotten impressions and clicks? Getting this information is easy to find by using this tool. In these metrics, you can assume which page can be more optimized and benefit your blog in the coming days.
  3.  You can monitor your various Schema Mark-up warnings and errors.
  4.  The speed of your site is also shown in your dashboard so you can improve pages to optimize well.
  5. You can also tell the search engine in which region you have targeted and blogged. It helps Google to rank in a specific area.
  6. You can also see the crawl details and index pages.
  7. Robots.TXT file can be added to your site’s root directory, and it can be tested to whether it is working correctly.
  8.  And many other features are available in the Google Search Console.

Common mistakes and improper submission

Many users submit websites in the Google Search console with errors and mistakes. And it is very harmful at any stage. Any mistakes or wrong configuration harm your site ranking. Some of them can not be recovered quickly. The search engines have different kinds of crawlers and run radically. This is the reason for the long recovery period. So, properly do this job to avoid problems.

Domain: many users submit their environment with the wrong prefix. For example-

You have a website which is

People inputs as


Be sure which version your site has hosted. Submit the correct version.

Google Site Verification Code Placement(Manual): Another big mistake made by people with placing site verification codes. There are several methods you have in the option. You have to put it properly when you are going with the HTML tag placement method. The Google Site Verification Code(HTML Tag) must be placed under <Head> and </Head> section. After putting in the provided code, you have successfully saved the theme or template. Then in the search console, you have to click verify button. If it shows you verified, you have done this job properly. Otherwise, the unsuccessful message will be shown.

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By Plug-In:

If you are using CMS and Seo Plugin, the job is becoming significantly easier.

Google Site Kit: You can easily submit your site with this plugin. This plugin can manage even other Google Services like analytics and AdSense.

If you are using SEO plugins like Rank Math and Yoast Seo, this job can also be done with a few clicks.

Hope you enjoyed this information about how to add a website to Google Search Console.

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