9 Incredible Useful Tips for How Should Start Blogging

World-changing day by day to the digital era. You can choose your career as blogging to be your boss and higher-earning to dominate an excellent lifestyle. If you know about a specific topic and are passionate about working from home in your own time, then you are in the right place to get a proper idea of how to start blogging to be successful and build a better career than the traditional one.

How to Start Blogging in 2022

Before starting any jobs, we should do excellent research. So, in this case, you must do a little research on the followings.

  • Is there any opportunity for earning?
  • On which topic can I start blogging?
  • What should I arrange to start?
  • Can I do the job with consistency?

You can visit some successful bloggers’ websites and earn report pages, giving you a good idea. I have included it here to get a quick view.

Harsh Agrawal: the man who started blogging in 2010, earns more than 50000 USD per month. His best tech website is SouthmeLoud.

Pritam Nargrale: One of the old Indian bloggers who has worked on over 100 websites and always tells his research. He also earns more than harsh Agarwal. He works on different blogs and vlogs on various topics.

Sachin Bansal: One of the young Indian bloggers who also dominates in these sectors and earns about twenty thousand USD monthly. I can make a list of thousands of people excluding me.

The good news is that you have decided to enter this sector. FreePro QSH India tutorial and resources are provided on how to start blogging in 2021.

Beginning arrangement: choose suitable products for the best output.

Technology has made our life easier, and I’m sure that you will provide an outstanding service that will simplify your visitor by providing information or product. As a human, we can not do everything manually. That’s the reason you also need some technical help and service to start your journey to save time and timely updates. To make a blog successful, you have to start carefully from the beginning. You need-

  1. A domain
  2. Speedy and Excellent uptime provided hosting.
  3. Well-formed and Mobilefirendy theme.
  4. Good CMS and plugins, if available.

As I am talking about how to start blogging in this article, I’m only providing the mandatory parts that are most preferable when starting.

How to Buy a domain?

A domain is unique, and the address of your site. Facebook.com, youtyube.Com, and Google.Com are examples of the environment. To start blogging, you must have a domain addressable to your visitor, fan, followers and customers. There are various types of territory available in the market, and you must select according to your business or idea. But, I advise registering and top-level domains like .com, .Net, and Org.  .com are the most used and popular of top levels domains. So, it’s better to write a  Dot Com domain. Even you can use country-based top-level domains in Us, Au etc.

Tips for choosing a domain name.

I hope you plan what kind of domain you will register. But one thing more you have to give attention to before choosing the name.

  1. Choose the keyword in your domain that is highly preferable and suitable for your business and branding.
  2. Make your domain name small and easy to remember. Even try those names where no hesitation on spelling with vowels and home sounds consonants.

Many companies sell domains, and you can register anywhere. But choose only established companies. Because nowadays when many bloggers and new start-up companies are opening by reselling this kind of product. Many close their business when they fail to earn or reach their desired customers. If you bought any product from them, then may you trouble in future. Popular Domain Selling companies are Godaddy, Namecheap, Bigrock, Namesile, Name etc.

Good Hosting Selection

After getting a domain, a blogger needs a good hosting service. I’m not talking about Best hosting because this article is for beginners only. So, moderate speedy, and valuable customer-supported hosting is preferable. If I recommend Cloud hosting, it is costly, and money will be spent, which is not in requirement. In your research and observation, following hosting will be the best choice before starting blogging. How and where can it be purchased? There are so many companies and offers available. But my recommendation is to go Bluehost.

Why choose BlueHost before Start Blogging?

Some well-known companies are selling both and offer a free domain with the hosting package. You can also choose this type of offer. In this case, Bluehost is the best option for beginners because they provide outstanding service and some steps you can complete efficiently with a few clicks. You must do some tasks if you buy the domain and hosting from different companies. But, In Bluehost, you do not need to point to Name Server details. It automatically pointed. And the best thing is that one-click WordPress Installation.

A fantastic offer is currently running for the new users. You may take this advantage. Check it and grab the offer and start your blogging journey.

How to sing Up on Bluehost?

It is an easy procedure to sign up. Just open the official page, and you will find the see plan button. Click on that and see a list of plans available. You can choose any plan. Select the cheapest  if you are starting a site that is not based on a big video-related website. You will be redirected to the next page and tell you to register a domain that is included in the hosting price. Choose an environment according to your idea and follow my guide, which has provided above.

In the next step, you must select or deselect other products listed. Now, go to Checkout. Here you have to put your payment details, email Id, and further contact details. After completing, an email will be sent to you, and verification has been completed.

Now the payment you have to complete. Now done. You have completed the purchase and domain and hosting.

The next step is to install WordPress

You are now ready to install WordPress and run your blog. At the time of installing WordPress, you have to put some basic information that is very important for SEO and security.

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