WordPress 5 Themes that Can’t be Ignore

A good WordPress theme is vital in on-page SEO and user engagement. This is the modern era of Blogging. So you have to take each step after good research and examination. Whenever you are planning to blog, you must follow the steps.

  1. The topic of your blog.
  2. A well-formed and easily memorable domain that matches and represents your niche.
  3.  Speedy hosting with the data center nearest your targeted audiences.
  4. An errorless, fast-loading, well-formed, mobile-friendly, SEO-ready, and modern theme.
  5. Content and plugin.
  6. Proper SEO and marketing with social shares or advertising.

These are the primary steps to make a blog successful. You can not ignore any action. A single mistake can harm your entire hard work and planning. Today, QSH India FreePro will briefly discuss the 4th point with the improvement.

Well-formed, mobile-friendly, SEO-ready WP Theme

As you can see that a theme that you want to use for your blog must fulfill some of the conditions, and they are

  1. Well-Formed: The theme must be healthy form in coding and designing. Because bad coding may affect your loading time and give a bad experience in different browsers and devices, the search engine may be confused with your content and the site’s structure. The result will be unexpected.
  2. Mobile-friendly: As per the recommendation of Google,  Your site must be mobile-friendly to rank better. Day by day growing, mobile internet users beat desktop users. So, it is indispensable to be a mobile-friendly theme to give an excellent experience to the user.
  3. Seo Ready: this is not a single thing. It’s a concept of plenty of on-page technique that helps you to rank. Above all, the thing related theme and also include readymade structure data.

Now the question arises-

Which is the best WordPress theme?

There is nothing best and last option in this industry. You have several options and plenty of paid and free themes in the market. Don’t think you haven’t the best option, but it depends on the niche. It would help if you did a little research according to your site category and place. Little research we have done for you provides authentic information to help you choose the right product.


The maximum successful blogger is using this fantastic Generatepress WordPress theme in the present day. It is a multi-purpose theme; you can use it on any topic. It has plenty of features and is easy to use for a beginner.

  • Structure Data mark Up.
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fast Loading (I May have fasted)
  • Free and Paid Version. A paid user can get ready mate various templates.
  • Easy Customization. And many more.

Astra WP Theme

Which is the best between Astra and Genratepress? A considerable debate can possible? But both debaters will tell you the same thing. Both are excellent and just bloggers divided into two-part for their love and support. I think if someone is Ronaldo, then the other is Messi.


Cadence is one of the powerful themes according to the feature and speed. It dominates the market day by day. It also has a free and paid version and plenty of customization in the free version.

News Paper

It has a heritage. It has firstly introduced for the Newspapers website with the readymade Structure Data. Even you can use it on any site. Many site owners use this theme for fast Loading and SEO-ready concept.

So, I hope that this information helps you. And also that you got the right idea before choosing the right Seo-ready, Mobile friendly, Fastest WordPress theme.

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