Advantage of Schema Mark up and Free Implementation Tools

Nowadays, when Google changes the Search Algorithm and features day by day to present user queries properly. As an owner of a website, you can achieve your goal if you are getting your target visitor by the search engine. You have to change from time to time according to the Search engine updates and requirements. There are plenty of factors for ranking, but some are becoming very necessary. One of them is Schema Mark-Up. It helps search engines like Google to understand your website and content that can help to present search results user-friendly. So, Search engines and Webmaster tools recommend using this fantastic feature to help them. Doing this will give you a special spinet on the search result and ranking, which can dramatically change your success.

Why Should we use Schema Mark Up?

Lengthy unique content and backlinks are a good idea but not golden like schema markup. Schema markup can change a lot if you have a job posting site. You cannot imagine the revolution which is waiting for a blogger. See what the opportunities and possibilities are.

Suppose you are writing content on job updates at night. The following day may you will have seen-

  1. Your content is crawled and indexed.
  2. Got ranked in the first position.
  3. You are getting very high traffic from Google and social shares.
  4. Also, getting highly valued visits to that page has almost failed to rank by creating content and backlinks.
  5. Relatively earning from that page if you have enabled ads or more selling your own or affiliate products.
  6. Start increasing your Page Authority and Alexa ranks. And many more.

Guys, don’t think all the think will happen by magic. It will haentirelyely happen on Schema Mark-Ups.

How to generate Code?

Hey, stop. Don’t be confused. You don’t need to learn new codings. Already some plugins are available for WordPress Users and a web tool for Blogger users. If you don’t want to use a Plugin or are using Blogger CMS, then I have a web tool for both.

Oh, guys. Once again, I suppose you might be wrong. Not asking for a single penny or social share. I have created a web-based tool for generating your Schema Mark-ups code. Just fill out a small form, complete the Code, copy it, and then paste it onto your content page. Just two or three minutes are required to implement the Schema Mark Up feature in your posts. To change your historical movement in the Online journey of the Job Posting site.

I hope you are getting help from FreePro QSH India. Visit regularly to be updated with the new tech knowledge related to the Blogging and Search Engines updates.

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