Advantage of FAQ Schema and 1 Free Code Generating Tool

FAQ Result is one of the fantastic Google search result impressions. It can be easily implemented by FAQ Schema Mark Up and receive colossal traffic and achieve the healthy rank of your blog. Don’t hesitate with your DA, PA and backlinks. No matter how old your website is and how popular? Follow the guidelines and create your own JSON-LD FAQ Schema with our Schema Mark Up code-generating tools. The tool links have provided below the content but let me tell you the fact and eligibility conditions before using the device.

Facts and Features of FAQ Schema Mark Up

The FAQ is the abbreviation of Frequently Asked Questions. Google implemented the content structured in question and answer format to show rich results. You can write a blog post or article in this format or organize your existing content with coding. J-Son LD. 

Each good thing is not good everywhere. Before using anything, you have to know its purpose. Google is continuously changing the search result day by day to give the best experience to its users. Look at the below spinet of the frequently Asked Question, which is usually called FAQ Schema.

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How to Place Keywords in Article

Google will pull those pages with this feature by coding, and if the query is related to the question and answer or the query-related popular think mostly asked in forums. No matter how popular your website is.

Benefits of this feature

  • An ample space can be captured, which helps you more CTR and traffic.
  • It will make the eligibility of voice search.
  • Passively increase ranking.

Disadvantages of this feature

There are also some disadvantages in my personal opinion. Suppose a visitor wants to know about the nearest Airport to Port Blair and you have written content about it. And briefly discuss and implement the FAQ Schema in your article. And if it is ranked user will get his query on the Google Search Page. You have tried to provide this information in exchange for reading your article. But the user will not open your article and leave the Search page by getting his query. There is another problem which is with the speed of your site. If you implement this by Json-Ld, may your site slightly decrease loading time?

But both issues are not very important as they have many benefits.

Eligibility and wrong usability

Not necessary to use any Schema markup if your content doesn’t fulfill the criteria of FAQ Schema. Properly you should know the Google Guideline on Schema markup. Yet here is a miniature copy provided for free.

  • General Structure Guideline
  • Webmaster Guideline
  • Content Guideline

How to Generate FAQ Schema J-Son LD

Either you can write the code on your own by the following guideline, install a plugin, or use third-party tools on your website. Your choice is the last and final, but ours uses third-party tools outside your CMS. Because installing an extra plugin in your WordPress CMS or other CMS loading, additional codes will kill the site loading time whether you are using it or not in an article. You can code each time, but there may have the possibility of typos or significant errors.

  • If you use a third-party free tool outside your CMS-
  • you do not need any coding knowledge.
  • Less possibility of wrong coding.
  • Easy and simple.
  • It can implement on a particular page. The unused page will not make an additional request.

Yes, you are in the right place to get the tool for free. We made it for you. You can use our tools blog for various coding and SEO Tools.

Go through the provided link and Generate the J-Son Ld FAQ Schema Mark-Up. Implement on your blog and grow more than your competitors.

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